• Harness ERP is structured on 3 Tier architecture.
  • Harness ERP supports cross platform working on Linux, Windows, Solaris & Apple.
  • Harness ERP modules are very flexible for change, as it is designed in Rubixcube model.
  • Harness ERP provides a single point of data entry.
  • Harness ERP supports access on Android, iphone, ipad and soon on touch screen technology.
  • Harness ERP is aimed at simplifying data entry and data gathering to form a base platform to enable business intelligence.
  • Harness ERP has been designed to manage complex manufacturing industries. It is a fully integrated end to end business control system. It is easily configurable to fit your specific business needs. Our clients are able to reap the benefits of investing in our ERP system within months of operation.
  • Harness ERP empowers the enterprise by serving as a digital nervous system connecting all the parts of an organization.
  • Harness is an affordable ERP solution that is also easy to implement and helps mid-tier organizations to compete with much larger companies by improving speed of day to day business processes and making crisis situations manageable.
  • Harness ERP is built in a modular fashion where each part can be configured to the requirement of the organization. This helps us to easily cater to growing organizations that serve diverse markets with new product lines.

Human Resource Management ( HRM )
  • Employment Management:
    1. Each employee's complete information which are Personal, Educational, Professional and other additional details are maintained.
    2. Employee's details can be updated and version maintained for latest information.
    3. All related documents necessary for employment can be uploaded and verified.
    4. Employee’s skill details are maintained and updated.
    5. Company’s assets attached to each employee can be recorded and tracked.
    6. Multiple employee tracking methods like Proximity, Bio-Metric and RFID, can be made possible.
    7. Employee's can be grouped for the purpose of Shift allocation and Work group transfer.
  • Advance Attendance and Leave Management:
    1. All employee’s day to day attendance can be imported from various punching systems.
    2. Apart from In & Out time, Late and Over time hours can be captured for salary or wages calculation.
    3. Employee's productive hours can be determined and can be utilised for performance-based variables.
    4. All public or company declared holidays can be configured.
    5. Individual employee Time sheet can be taken for assessment.
    6. Employee can raise leave request either through their Harness ERP user ID or through designated person ID.
    7. Employee's leave request can be accepted or rejected by the Approver or leave days can be modified by the Approver.
    8. Leave eligibilities to Employee can be configured.
    9. Based on Employee's attendance status, alert can be triggered to reporting mangers.
  • Human Resource Shift Management:
    1. Features to allow Managers to view information on the employees available in various shifts, in their departments.
    2. Shift can be configured based on different schedule either Day, Week or Month.
    3. Shift profile created and linked to either individual or a group.
    4. Shift allocation can be changed for an individual or a group of employees.
  • Advance Payroll:
    1. Auto calculation of salary based on employee eligible components.
    2. All type of pay components can be configured in the salary profile and can be attached to respective employee.
    3. Template based PayRoll is configured based on Employee category.
    4. Incentive link pay can be Imported or Entered Directly in ERP, to account in employee salary calculation.
    5. Payslip and PayRoll report, are made available and can be Customized to suit the requirement.
Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )
  • Trend Analysis is used to forecast market trends, Sales growth and Inventory Level.
  • Complete view of Leads, Prospects and Customers.
  • Can boost sales by analysing the contacts & target potentially profitable customers and also by analysing the market campaigns, focus on those which are best performing and yields more lead conversion.
  • Track sales and monitor the performance of Sales force.
  • Insight of customer preferences and retain them by Customer oriented business models.
  • Reduce Customer Churn.
  • The market intelligence generated in the form of dashboards and reports enables to make pro-active strategies to stay ahead of the competitors.
  • Customer after sales support is enhanced through Customer Service Request tracking.
Supply Chain Management ( SCM )
  • Avail the best purchase cost through RFQ to vendors.
  • Increase the profit margin by analysing Budget.
  • Reduce Procurement Function Cost.
  • Improve Supplier Compliance by metrics.
  • Vendor analysis based on Lead time, Cost and Shipment.
  • Increase sourcing savings by enhanced supplier visibility on capacities and capabilities.
  • Reduce Accounts Payable Error by Bill verification and payment on actuals.
  • Reduce revenue loss due to stock outs.
  • Enhance supply chain planning productivity.
  • Reduce Overhead cost.
  • GRN of materials through Barcode Scanning reduces the lead time of supply for production and Track supplier data.
  • Supplier can create Packing List and Invoice through our EDI.
  • Supplier can acknowledge Purchase Orders.
Automated Planning and Scheduling ( APS )
  • Customized algorithms as per your manufacturing unit's constraints.
  • Configurable MRP engine that plans based on demand, customer order, stock and purchase orders.
  • Generate and print work orders.
  • Use Planning Board to optimize your auto work schedule based on further manual constraints.
  • Tightly integrated with Production monitoring systems that track real-time production on your floor.
  • Runs on-site with normal servers.