Our Company
Our Company
Harness is a software solutions...

Harness is a software solutions provider focused on manufacturing industries. It is an established software development company with Marketing, Domain Analysis, Programming, Testing & Customer support divisions. Harness has over 15 years of domain expertise in providing software solutions to manufacturing industries. Currently ,we are providing solutions across India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Srilanka.

Our vision
Our vision
To be the partner that provides...

To be the partner that provides innovative technology solutions which help our customers reach for the stars and achieve what they never imagined was possible.

Our Mission
Our Mission
To be the company...

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product,service and fulfilment needs of any manufacturing company.

Our Business

Harness leading product is HarnessERP. HarnessERP is aimed at simplifying data entry and data gathering to form a base platform to enable business intelligence.

Harness ERP has been designed to manage complex manufacturing industries. It is a fully integrated end to end business
control system. It is easily configurable to fit your specific business needs. Our clients are able to reap the benefits of investing in our ERP system within months of operation.

HarnessERP empowers the enterprise by serving as a digital nervous system connecting all the parts of an organization. Harness is an affordable ERP solution that is also easy to implement and helps mid-tier organizations to compete with much larger companies by improving speed of day to day business processes and making crisis situations manageable.

Harness is built in a modular fashion where each part can be configured to the requirement of the organization. This helps us to easily cater to growing organizations that serve diverse markets with new product lines.