Textile Industry
Textile manufacturing is based on the conversion of fibre into yarn, yarn into fabric and fabric made into Garment. There are many variable processes available at the spinning and fabric-forming stages coupled with the complexities of the finishing and colouration processes to the production of a wide range of products.
The Textile industry faces the major challenges on:
  • On Time Order completion & Shipment.
  • Sustaining the quality of the products.
  • Handling multiple items and orders at a time.
  • Managing Complex designs & it's versions.
  • Manage inventory and avoid unnecessary stock.
  • Ascertaining the WIP of the goods.
  • Accommodate the change in design of WIP.
  • Maximising the profit margin.
Harness ERP Solution
  1. Harness MRP.
  2. Harness PPS.
  3. Harness QMS.
  4. Harness SCM.
  5. Approvals.
  6. Dash board – Alerts, Tasks & graphical reports.
  7. MIS Reports.

Engineering Industry
The major segment of any manufacturing Sector are based on engineering projects. This means a normal Manufacturing concept would not work in any organisation that needs to provide satisfactory solutions to Engineering clients. An Engineering Industry faces different set of issues in managing complex issue related to orders / Projects. In the engineering industry, the products you manage and sell enhance your reputation. HARNESS ERP solutions can help you increase visibility and create an effective management environment for areas Order planning, Production, Stores and Distribution. Harness ERP believes in true added value to all client with creative products and excellent support & service.
Harness ERP Solution
  1. Order Planning.
  2. Production Planning.
  3. Approvals.
  4. Featured Reporting.
  5. Harness MRP.
  6. Harness PPS.
  7. Harness QMS.
  8. Harness SCM.

Food Processing Industry
Food Processing industry is one of the fastest growing industry in today’s time with tremendous competition and range of products. To fight & compete with wide range of product categories, food and beverage manufacturing industry players must ensure that their operate at full capacity. In today’s time, ERP plays a vital role in keeping all functionalities with and organisation intact with a free flow of accurate data within all departments with all needed approvals and quality checks. Harness ERP Solutions make sure that we provide exactly what is needed. Harness ERP helps Food and beverage sector in gaining a high level of traceability to better manage their overall operations. As matter of facts, Harness ERP has been putting forth efficient and simplified management systems to process manufacturing organizations for enhance the growth in today’s competitive world.
Harness ERP Solution
  1. Quality control.
  2. Production efficiency & decrease cost & risks.
  3. Supply chain management.
  4. Inventory control.
  5. Approvals.
  6. Reports.
  7. Harness MRP.
  8. Harness PPS.
  9. Harness QMS.
  10. Harness SCM.

Leather & Footwear Industry
Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities globally. The growth in demand for leather is driven by the fashion industry, especially footwear. Apart from this, furniture and interior design industries, as well as the automotive industry also demand leather. The requirements of leather users and consumers need a definition of each of the properties and means to control raw materials, processes and the quality of finished products, as well as of leather articles. Quality and quality control play an important role and are the corner stones on which the good reputation of leather, tanners, leather products manufacturers and traders are built.

Job Work Industry
Job work is the processing or working on goods supplied by another person/entity to complete a part or whole of the process. Job work can be undertaken for the initial process, intermediate process, assembly, packing or any other completion process or complete manufacturing. The goods sent for job work can be raw material, component parts, semi-finished goods and the finished goods can be a variation of the same or the complete product. The processes undertaken can be like Textile processing, Dyeing, machining, welding, painting, electroplating, assembly, etc., The job worker company needs to sustain the skilled labour to maintain the quality of the job done and through which they have to control the loss or damage of the raw material. Proper inventory management with better quality control, brings more customer orders to the job work company.