Harness offers partners program to the companies looking for a long term collaboration. Our partners program is aimed at creating opportunities in which both partners can penetrate the market while ensuring that the same time, complete support is given to the mutual clients.

Our partners program provides extensive training for the different products and services. Specialized training is provided for the following levels.

  • Marketing the product (Without Implementation).
  • Rights to provide license and implementation and AMC.

Partners who market our product are given training on our products and features to market our product.

Partners providing license and implementation are given in-depth training on licensing and installation of the product. We provide both technical and non technical training to our partners.


Becoming a partner with Harness is a smart move. We follow the Win Together, Grow Together policy. In the long run, Harness and the partner company will find mutual benefit from each other.

Interested clients can become our partners through different criteria. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Referring customers to use our products.
  • Partnering client reference by our employees.
  • Direct approach by contacting us.

We have the following requirements to be fulfilled by the company looking to partner with us.

  • Must be a registered company.
  • Should have a minimum IT experience.

Level of our partners increases in a case by case basis depends on their performance in providing product and support services to our clients.


Harness provides wide range of resource to our partners to aid them in capturing market and being updated with the current technological progress. We provide some important documents that will greatly enhance the knowledge of our clients.

We provide resources like,

  • Marketing documents.
  • Training documents.
  • Installation and implementation guides.